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Our commitments

The Lloyd’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter sets out the commitment Inclusion@Lloyd’s members make to increasing diversity and inclusion in their organisations

The Charter

  • Champion diversity and inclusion in my organisation and be accountable for creating positive change
  • Promote good diversity and inclusion practice within my organisation and share learning with the rest of the Inclusion@Lloyd’s group
  • Commit to the collection and submission of data on the diversity of employees in my organization and our work around diversity and inclusion
  • Raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion within my organisation and the wider market
  • Support Inclusion@Lloyd’s with the development of diversity and inclusion best-practice guidance to aid participants in implementing the Charter
  • Submit an annual report on the progress and activity of my organisation around diversity and inclusion, to be used as part of a wider market-level report on the impact of the Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Benefits to Charter Signatories

  • High-profile public commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Opportunity to lead and shape the development of diversity and inclusion in the Lloyd’s market
  • Access to information, tools and examples of good practice from Inclusion@Lloyd’s
  • Make demonstrable progress in relation to diversity and inclusion to benefit your firm and the Lloyd’s market, through increased financial and operational performance
  • Input and access to market-level, effective benchmarking of our performance and progress against the Charter
  • Free to sign up and participate

For more information email:

Women in Finance Charter

In 2016 Lloyd’s became a charter signatory of the Women in Finance Charter, a government backed initiative designed to improve gender diversity in senior positions across the financial services sector.

As part of our commitment to the Charter we set a target to achieve at least 40% male and at least 40% female representation in our senior management population over the next 5 years.

These goals are built into the annual objectives of the Executive Team and cascaded to our senior management population which in turn are built into our performance management and reward system.

To proactively support gender diversity, Peter Spires, Head of Legal and Secretariat has been appointed as the Executive Team lead, responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion within the Corporation. Peter is also the Executive Sponsor of “Inspire” – the Lloyd’s Gender Equality network.

2017 Update

We see our commitment to the Charter as a journey, one which requires early interventions that have immediate impact as well as longer term investment into our pipeline.

Since signing the Charter there has been little change in the proportion of women in our senior management population. However, we are confident that the steps we have taken, such as rolling out unconscious bias awareness learning and supporting resources for senior leaders, signing up to the Working Forward campaign to support pregnant women and new parents and implanting mandatory inclusive hiring workshops for all hiring managers, will in turn show progress towards our target in the long term.

Although these goals and actions refer specifically to gender, we put great emphasis on valuing all forms of diversity, more details of which can be found here on our website.