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Lloyd's German Policyholders - How to Make a Complaint

Find out how to make a complaint and the complaint handling procedure.

If you wish to make a complaint please check your policy for details of the person to contact.  Alternatively contact your broker or if the complaint relates to a claim contact whoever has been handling your claim to inform them of your dissatisfaction.

What is a Complaint?

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) defines a complaint as :

A statement of dissatisfaction expressed by any person in relation to an insurance undertaking with regard to the insurance contract or any service offered to such a person. Complaints addressed to an insurer containing a reference to an insurance intermediary are also included in the definition. The handling of complaints is distinguished from claims handling, as well as from a simple request to fulfil the contract or to provide information or clarification.

A complaint, in order to be considered as such, does not necessarily have to be titled with the word “complaint”. 

How Lloyd's Will Handle Your Complaint

The Lloyd's managing agent, or the party named in your policy that has been appointed to handle your complaint on their behalf will aim to provide you its decision, in writing, within six weeks of receipt of the complaint.

If you remain dissatisfied once you have received the final response, or you do not receive a final response within six weeks you may refer your complaint to The Insurance Ombudsman.  Their contact details are :

Insurance Ombudsman

Postfach 080632
10006 Berlin
Tel: 0800 3696000
Fax: 0800 3699000

A complainant is eligible to refer a complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • At least six weeks have elapsed since the complaint was submitted to the insurer.
  • The complainant is a consumer or in a consumer-like situation.
  • The policy contract was written on an establishment basis.
  • The value of the complaint is EUR 100,000 or less.
  • The complaint does not relate to private health insurance, credit insurance or reinsurance.
  • The complaint does not relate to the benefits of a third party under the policy contract.
  • The complaint is not already subject to court proceedings or an arbitration procedure.  

These complaint handling arrangements are without prejudice to your rights in law.


You can contact Lloyd's in Germany at:

Lloyd's Germany

Taunusanlage 11
60329 Frankfurt

+49 (0)69 7144 881 0

You can contact Lloyd's in the UK at:


Fidentia House
Walter Burke Way
Chatham Maritime

+44 (0)20 7327 5693