Managing agents are solely responsible for handling international complaints in accordance with the complaints handling rules in the relevant country.

Lloyd's requirements for the handling of international complaints are set out within Market Bulletin Y4961 - International Complaints Handling: Expansion of New Procedures.  Managing agents underwriting relevant business must ensure that their processes and procedures are compliant with the requirements of this bulletin as well as the specific country International Complaint Market Bulletins.  These bulletins outline the process to be followed for complaints from the countries detailed below. 

To assist managing agents and their representatives, Lloyd's has prepared a practical guidance note to accompany the Market Bulletins for the terrritories listed below, all other territories should be handled in accordance with local requirements and these will be monitored by Lloyd's using a standard eight week timeframe.  Complaints in all territories should be notified to the Complaints team via email using the template spreadsheet prescribed for international complaints. A copy of the response together with a copy of the original complaint must be emailed to the same email address promptly following the response being sent. 

Brief details of the relevant local complaints requirements are included below.  Details of the complaint handling rules for each territory where Lloyd's has a licence are provided on Crystal.   

Australia BelgiumBelgië / Belgique

Bulgaria / България  

Canada /Canada French

Channel Islands              

Croatia / Hrvatska

Cyprus / Κύπρος

Czech Republic / Česká Republika
Denmark / Danmark Estonia / Eesti  Finland / Suomi
France / Le Lloyd's France Germany / Deutschland Gibraltar
Greece / Ελλάδα HungaryMagyarország Iceland / Ísland           
 Isle Of Man Ireland Italy / Italia 
Latvia / Latvija Liechtenstein / Liechtenstien Lithuania / Lietuva
Luxembourg Malta / Malta Netherlands / Nederland
New Zealand Norway / Norge   Poland / Polska
Portugal / Portugal  Romania / România Singapore
Slovakia / Slovenská Republika Slovenia / Slovenija South Africa
Spain España    Sweden / Sverige Switzerland / Die Schweiz / Svizzer