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Complaints Handling for UK Policyholders

Guidance for managing agents and their representatives in respect of the handling of UK complaints.

Lloyd’s requirements for the handling of complaints from eligible complainants are set out in its ‘Code for Complaints Handling’. All managing agents are required to ensure that their processes and procedures are compliant with the Code.

To assist managing agents and their representatives, Lloyd’s has prepared a practical guidance note to accompany the Code together with a template spreadsheet for the notification of complaints. The LMA has also produced model letters for use when handling complaints.

Complaints helpline - + 44 (0)20 7327 5696


ELearning Modules

There are two versions of the module, the first ‘Assisting Eligible Complainants’ is for coverholders and DCAs that have authority to handle complaints from UK policyholders whereas the second ‘Identifying Eligible Complainants’ is for those that do not have complaint handling authority but do interact with UK policyholders.

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