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Lloyd's policyholders outside the UK - How to Make a Complaint

Find out how to make a complaint about your insurance policy underwritten at Lloyd's

While Lloyd’s believes that the vast majority of Lloyd’s policyholders will have a positive experience dealing with Lloyd’s managing agents and their representatives it is inevitable that some complaints will arise. Where that is the case, policyholders should expect to have their complaint dealt with promptly and in a reasonable way.

Lloyd's has introduced complaint handling processes for International policyholders and where possible complaints will be handled in line with local regulations. Where no local regulations exist, complaints will be handled in line with UK principles and standards. 

The Lloyd's Complaints team can only assist policyholders who are eligible to refer their complaint to either the local 'External Dispute Resolution' (EDR) service in their country of the Financial Ombudsman Service in the UK.  Details of how complaints are handled in each country and eligibility for EDR are provided below.