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Lloyd's Charities Trust

Building resilient communities by supporting causes relevant to the market and our people

Lloyd’s Charities Trust is proud to announce the 2021 winners of the Lloyd’s Market Charity Awards.

Over the past eleven years, the Lloyd's Market Charity awards have rewarded £1.5million to the nominated charities of almost 400 people across Lloyd's.

The Lloyd’s Market Charity Awards is a long-standing programme that donates to charities supported by individuals working across the Lloyd’s Corporation and market. The awards are given in recognition of the incredible fundraising and voluntary work that goes on across Lloyd’s, and to support those charities that have been hit hard by the impacts of COVID-19.

Following the success of 2020’s awards, Lloyd’s Charities Trust continued their commitment to donate up to £25,000 each to charities on behalf of the individuals. Trustees reviewed applications from across the market from colleagues who had made a significant impact on their chosen charities. Trustees were incredibly impressed with the dedication and time colleagues had contributed to their chosen charities and the decision.

We look forward to receiving even more applications next year, stay tuned for the announcement of the opening of applications in Spring/Summer 2022.

The awards were presented by Lloyd’s CEO, John Neal, who said:

“After a challenging eighteen months apart, it's a privilege to come together and learn about the causes, initiatives and projects that our people are so passionate about. Each one of the organisations receiving an award give vital support to so many across our communities, and I'm incredibly proud that Lloyd's can support their invaluable work."
John Neal, Lloyd’s CEO
“I would like to thank Lloyd’s Charities Trust for their amazing £25,000 contribution to the Miscarriage Association Charity. The Miscarriage Association offers support and information, encourages good care and raises public awareness about the facts and feelings of miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy. My wife suffered three pregnancy losses before we were gifted with our precious daughter, and this money will help ensure that millions of people affected by pregnancy loss receive the care, support and information that they need, and that no-one suffers preventable harm from pregnancy loss. This major contribution from Lloyd’s Charities Trust also helped motivate me to complete the London Marathon 2021 and raise lots of needed money for a great cause.”
Ian Marchant, Process Improvement Manager, Business Transformation, Lloyd’s
“I’m so delighted and proud that as an employee of Aon, I was awarded a Lloyd’s Market Charity Award for Coram, Britain’s oldest children’s charity. When we lost my mother, I immediately became part of my father’s ongoing relationship with the charity. Since then I have had the pleasure of being part of the Coram family and have worked to help raise awareness and funds to support the critical work they do to help children most in need. During this time, I have walked 100km with my sister, chaired a fundraising committee, helped host panel events and even worked in Coram’s gardens but the pandemic hit these fundraising opportunities hard and Coram, alongside many other charities, has been significantly impacted. A substantial award like this will give a much needed boost to Coram Education in supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of children which is so important right now.”
Annika Halsett Symonds, Partner, Head of Business Transformation, Global Investment, Aon

Our Story

The Lloyd’s insurance market enables the sharing of risk in a world facing diverse challenges. For more than 60 years, Lloyd’s Charities Trust has helped to build resilient and sustainable communities where it matters most.

As the Lloyd’s market responds to emerging risks and the challenges that these pose to communities around the world, it becomes increasingly important that Lloyd’s Charities Trust supports projects that aim to reduce the risk of devastation to the people who need it most. Through our charity partnerships, we work with organisations who help the most vulnerable groups with disaster risk reduction globally.

Our current partnership is with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain to help build disaster resilient communities.

Habitat for Humanity Great Britain

We launched our partnership in October 2019 to work together to build disaster resilient communities which support the most vulnerable; women, children, the elderly and those living with disabilities.

Flooding in Malawi
A key component of the new partnership is our project to support families in the Chikwawa district in Malawi. The area was badly affected by severe flooding and devastation caused by Cyclone Idai in March 2019. This project utilises the resources of the Lloyd’s market to help Habitat for Humanity increase their knowledge of why certain communities choose to live in flood-prone lowland areas in the country.

The findings of the research enable a more effective response by Habitat for Humanity and other local partners to future devastating natural disasters, in this and other regions.

The project also gives more than 20,000 individuals access to community rescue hubs; giving local families access to training sessions and materials to ‘disaster proof’ their homes. They will also function as emergency shelters for 36 families, reducing vulnerability in the region. Collaboration with local communities and authorities and capacity building is key to the success of disaster preparation and this is the heart of this project.

Engaging the market

Beyond our project, there will be many ways that colleagues from the Lloyd’s market can support our partnership and we would love to hear from you. These include:

  • Sharing knowledge and insight around climate and flood resilience trends with Habitat for Humanity and their global network of local NGOs.
  • Giving pro-bono support to help Habitat for Humanity calculate community level disaster risks and environmental risks such as mapping, data sources and risk reduction strategies.
  • Giving advice around catastrophe micro-insurance and climate-based index insurance.
  • Fundraise to support our partnership. You can take part in virtual events all year round from their online scavenger hunt, runs, cycles, swims and walks, Habitat for Humanity have a range of resources to help you get started.

Celebrating the global impact of Lloyd’s Charities Trust

Find out more about our previous partnerships from October 2016- October 2019 in our impact report looking back over the last three years.

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