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We have a range of opportunities for the Corporation of Lloyd's and Lloyd's market companies to support our community involvement initiatives.

Volunteering with The Switch

The Switch provides education and employability support to young people who face social, cultural and/or economic barriers by giving them the skills to excel, raising their aspirations and boosting their career chances. They do this by bringing them to environments and people to build their confidence and knowledge.

To find out dates of sessions and further information, please email or


Virtual mock interview programme tailored for secondary school students. Volunteers interview pupils and provide instant feedback. Volunteers are briefed before the session, and a representative at The Switch will facilitate the session on the day.

Volunteer skills developed: Communication


Abacus is a Financial Literacy programme for 9–10-year-olds at primary schools in Tower Hamlets.

Abacus explores the practical and emotional aspects of managing money for both pupils and their parents. It focuses on financial concepts and encourages positive family conversations about money while giving pupils the opportunity to engage with the world of work. 

How does it work? Your role as a volunteer is to join a virtual and/or in-person session (either at a school, the Lloyd’s building or at a market company), in full or in part, on a particular topic around money management such as spending and saving, smart shopping etc. Volunteers can be asked to support/lead on a range of activities such as careers carousels, supporting with an informal, age-appropriate tour of the Lloyd’s building. Once you have confirmed a session, you will be sent an invite with slides (if asked to lead on an activity) and briefing notes. Volunteers are fully supported on the day by a representative from The Switch.

Volunteer skills developed: Communication, flexibility, presentation

Watch this video to find out more.

Aim 2 Attain

Aim 2 Attain helps pre- and post-16 higher achieving students maximise their opportunities beyond school and into the working life by helping them understand the choices open to them for further education and training. Aim 2 Attain is run as a series of interactive and informative session.

How does it work? A representative at The Switch will facilitate the session and the volunteers will work on specific activities with the students.

Volunteering with East London Business Alliance

To find out more, please email or

Community Recovery Programme

Would you like to use your business skills to help build capacity in community organisations?

Some community leaders have never had any formal finance training and therefore lack expertise in the area. Others wear many different hats, and often lack the resources and time to get things done. Corporate volunteers can apply their business skills in a different context and help community organisations build capacity and achieve their goals through bespoke hands-on volunteering opportunities.

What is your skill?

The list below is not exhaustive. If you have any business skills to share, get in touch! You’d be surprised at the range of areas you could support in!

  • Finance, Accounting
  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Information Technology
  • Website Design
  • Communications and Marketing
  • And more...!

Creative Solutions Workshops

The Creative Solutions Workshops are part of ELBAs Community Recovery Programme but specifically for developing and sharing creative thinking skills.

This is a 'problem-solving' session, where organisations attend with their specific challenge and work with corporate volunteers to tackle these. In partnership with the corporate volunteers, this session is a chance for community organisations to:1) Engage in creative brainstorming regarding organisational sustainability2) Assess the viability of possible solutions and evaluate potential impact3) Develop the most viable ideas into a list of actions to take away and implementVolunteers will be working in groups with staff from East London-based community organisations. They will be taking part in facilitated activities led by ELBA staff, designed to reflect, brainstorm, and find practical solutions that community partners can take away and implement. Volunteer teams will work collaboratively with their assigned community organisation to understand their priorities and needs and come up with their potential solutions.

BoardBuilders+ at Lloyd's

Challenge yourself and give back to the community by becoming a charity trustee. Watch the video below to find out more about why being a trustee is such an impactful way of volunteering and how you can get involved.

BoardMatch17: Digital Edition is an opportunity for you to "meet" a selection of local charities or social enterprises that need new trustees/board members and to submit applications to the board(s) of your choosing. ELBA staff will be on hand to support you through the application process, helping you to find the perfect trustee/board placement.

Team Challenges

Gather a team of volunteers to support an East London based charity/community organisation. ELBA works with several organisations which need volunteers to support with practical activities for a day such as laying down a foot path in a public park or supporting at a local farm.

Volunteering with SEO London

SEO London prepares talented students from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds for career success. 

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Support with 1 hour sessions for talented students in higher education. Sessions include speed network, Fireside chats with CEOs, business spotlights etc.


SEO London is currently looking for mentors to support students who are part of the SEO Advance programme. This programme provides talented secondary school students from social mobility-qualifying backgrounds with a range of support services to improve their academic attainment, and progression to university and elite careers.

Please click here where we provide more information and an application form.

Deadline to submit application: Sun 10 Apr 2022.

Volunteering with the Trussell Trust

Volunteer at a Trussell Trust run food bank. On the 30th March volunteers from Lloyd’s will be heading to Norwood and Brixton Food Bank from 10am – 3pm.

How does it work?

You will arrive at location given

Volunteer for a day (2-4 hours)

Volunteers will start the day with a tour and orientation led by the food bank manager

You will be given tasks to help at the food bank

No preparation is required, and volunteers will be briefed on the day

Getting involved is easy - whether you want to volunteer, take part in a team challenge, host or donate, there are all sorts of opportunities for everyone working in the Lloyd's market and the Corporation of Lloyd's. Find out which programme is right for you and the skills you want to develop using our Volunteering Skills Matrix.

  • Giving pro-bono support to help Habitat for Humanity Great Britain calculate community level disaster risks and environmental risks such as mapping, data sources and risk reduction strategies.

  • Invite the Global Community Engagement Team or one of our charity partners to talk about our initiatives in your company.

  • Give an hour a month and become a Volunteering Champion and share opportunities with your team or company.

  • From running, to cycling, swimming, mud runs and walking, Habitat for Humanity Great Britain have a range of fundraising opportunitiesall year round.
  • You can donate or fundraise for the Lloyd’s Charities Trust or the Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund, with full support given by the Global Community Engagement Team.

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