Details of the events running throughout the year are set out below, along with how to book.
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Nutrition: Super Foods for the Super Busy  Workshop  Supercharge your energy levels to manage stress and fatigue.
• Understand the nutritional benefits of incorporating superfoods into your daily meals.
• Get tips on how to make quick easy delicious meals.
• Understand the science behinds the foods that can boost your energy levels

24 Jan


Feel Good 
Resilience: Thriving not Surviving Workshop

Strategies for managing stress.
• Understanding how physiological responses, so well suited for dealing with short-term challenges, can turn into potential disasters when chronically provoked for psychological or other reasons.
• Recognising the behaviours that increase the risk of stress related illness and those that can mitigate against it.
• Learning how we can use our well adapted stress response to enhance our wellbeing and live longer

15 Feb

Feel Good 
Sleep Workshop Your wake up call.
• Understand the importance of sleep for cognitive performance and productivity.
• Understand how our sleep cycles work and how many hours of sleep is needed for optimum performance.
• Take away strategies on how to get a better night’s sleep.

1 March


Feel Good 
Struggling with Stress? Webinar From recognising the warning signs to dealing with the source of the problem, here are some useful top tips. 26 April   
Mental Health: 100% Human at Work Workshop Social connection is key to our mental health.
• Understand the ways in which social connection improves physical health and psychological well-being.
• Appreciate how workplace relationships can affect stress levels and productivity.
• Learn ways to build connections at work.

17 May


Feel Good 
Mindfulness Workshop Finding self-compassion in an emotionally turbulent world.
• Greatly enhances emotional wellbeing by boosting happiness & optimism, reducing anxiety and depression
• Help maintain healthy lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise
• Greater ease and less stress in our daily lives and more life satisfaction

28 June


Feel Good 
Nutrition: Eat your way to better health Webinar We are all bombarded with information about what is good for us to eat and
best to avoid – let’s cut fact from fiction

 26 July


Resilience: Working Smart Workshop Developing personal resources to increase personal resilience and protect against burnout.
• Recognise the importance of consciousness as a resource that can help protect you from stress.
• Understand how different coping styles can increase your resilience.
• Learn how to build your sense of control in order to be in the driving seat of your life.

3 Sep


Feel Good 
Flu vaccinations Vaccinations Protection against seasonal flu. By appointment at the Wellbeing Centre. More details available here. 21 Oct onwards
Mental Health Awareness Workshop Build confidence and ability to support colleagues.
• What is ‘mental health’ & removing the stigma.
• How to manage your own mental health.
• Spotting the warning signs in your own & others mental health and how to improve it.
• Offering practical examples and roleplay of how to reach out to a colleague, friend or loved one in distress.
• Considering ways to protect mental health through building resilient coping strategies.
• How you can work with others to make your workplace more mentally healthy for everyone.

24 Oct


Feel Good 
Nutrition: Digestive Health Workshop Meet your second brain – the gut.
• Understand the importance of the link between the brain and gut.
• Find out about the best foods for optimum gut health.
• Understand the latest neuroscience behind the “gut-brain axis”.

4 Nov


Feel Good 
A focus on women's health Webinar Join AXA’s expert as they explore many common health issues that women may face throughout their lifetime tbc tbc
A focus on men's health Webinar Join AXA’s expert as they explore many common health issues that men may face throughout their lifetime tbc tbc

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