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Access pass requests

Information on how to apply for a Lloyd's pass

Lloyd's permanent pass application forms have been updated and previous versions will no longer be accepted. This applies to both the annual subscriber pass and non-insurance representative forms.

How to apply for a Lloyd’s pass:

  1. The applicant completes their section of the form and emails it to their sponsor, together with a passport style photograph.
  2. The sponsor completes the ‘Support for this Application’ section and emails the form and photograph to from their business email address, copying in the applicant.
  3. Applications are then considered in accordance with the Lloyd’s Annual Subscribers Byelaw and a pass issued only once all relevant checks are complete.
  4. Please allow five working days from submission of the form for these checks to be completed.
  5. New passes can be collected from the Camera Room in Lloyd’s main reception.  Photographic ID such as a driving licence or passport will need to be shown.

Non-Insurance Representative form

The non-insurance representative form is for anyone who provides a service to the Lloyd’s market, but is not conducting insurance business. 

This could include specialist contractors who need access to underwriting boxes; IT staff maintaining equipment or solicitors and auditors who require access to the building to consult with their client. 

Should you have any queries relating to any of the above information, please contact the Lloyd’s Camera Room.

Privacy Note 

Records of your request will be deleted within a month from your submission. Please view our Privacy Notice to learn how we process your personal information.

Data protection: It is the host’s responsibility to ensure visitor safety and to protect Lloyd’s assets and data as per our data protection and security policies. Hosts must accompany and supervise all visitors on our premises.