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Access to the building

Guidance for accessing the building is available here

Dress code

Pass holders visiting the Lloyd’s building or the underwriting room should dress appropriately. Underwriters, brokers, Corporation staff and tenants of the building should also conform to their own employer’s dress code. Lloyd’s supports those who wish to wear clothing appropriate to particular religious beliefs or cultures.

Additional guidance for accessing the underwriting room:

  • The privacy of all market users must be respected at all times.
  • Smoking, vaping or e-cigarette usage is not permitted inside the Lloyd’s building. Designated smoking areas are located outside the building.
  • No valuables should be left unattended and occupiers must maintain their own insurance against loss of personal property.
  • A cloakroom is available on the upper-basement level.
  • Health and Safety requirements state that underwriters must keep their furniture and other items to their allotted perimeters and they may not be changed without the prior approval of Corporate Real Estate.
  • Underwriters are encouraged to adopt a clear desk policy, as Lloyd’s accepts no responsibility for any loss, GDPR issues or damage to personal property.
  • Anyone continuously or repeatedly ignoring the above guidelines may be refused access to the underwriting room.

Should you require any further information or clarification on the above in relation to the underwriting floors, please contact