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Sharing your career path

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Help young people develop their employability skills, for example by reviewing their CV or taking part in a mock interview.

Explore the different ways you can get involved below, and get in contact for more information or to sign up for the opportunity.

Virtual Work Experience

Give students the opportunity to safely engage with the world of work, receiving feedback from industry professionals. Less than an hour – our short sessions fit into your working day effortlessly, you can volunteer on your lunch break.

Options and Careers

Attend an in person, full day volunteering event to help students make smart choices about their future - GCSE choices and what steps they can take after they finish Y11 including apprenticeships, A-levels and T-levels.

Step Into Insurance

Designed to give students insight into the Insurance sector in preparing for their internship or graduate applications and the diverse careers available.

Company Insight Sessions

Students meet a range of industry professionals whereby they share their insights and network with the students.

Insurance Academy

The SEO Insurance programme consists of an academy, insight and networking opportunities, masterclasses, skills workshops, and more to educate and train high-potential candidates on the skills and attributes required to be successful in the elite industry of specialist Insurance.

Careers Conference

Designed to create high value opportunities for young people to interact with role models from a wide range of professions and the chance to explore themes which are essential for their future development in 'Perfect 10' workshops. In these distinct environments we aim to encourage, motivate and inspire our young people to develop their potential.