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Our history

A timeline of our history

Explore the history of the Lloyd’s Benevolent Fund.


Lloyd’s Benevolent Fund is founded

Lloyd’s Benevolent Fund is founded. The first year’s contributions amount to £48.

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First full set of rules drawn up

The first full set of rules were drawn up and the objectives stated “those who may be reduced to distress by unavoidable misfortune and who by their uniform good conduct and respectable character shall be deemed worthy of such relief” rings just as true today as it has ever done.

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Ten year standing rule removed

The 10 year standing rule was removed and discretionary power was given to “assist in deserving cases”.

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Extension of objectives

The objectives were extended for the benefit of “staff and dependants” in “necessitous circumstances”.

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The Fund becomes a registered charity

From its small beginning the Fund thrived and became a registered Charity under the Charities Act.

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Eligibility update

It was agreed that Corporation staff should become eligible for assistance.

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Subscriptions from Members of Lloyd’s ceased

The Fund has not received subscriptions from Members of Lloyd’s since 1989 and relies on its investment income and donations to carry on providing financial support.

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