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Lloyd's Benevolent Fund

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“My new lightweight walker was delivered today and we have just returned from christening it at a National Trust property.

It was wonderful to feel more confident walking and not have to hang on to my wife.

With renewed and grateful thanks to the Trustees from a very appreciative beneficiary.”
“The assistance from the Lloyd's Benevolent Fund allowed us to buy a trike for Jack, our 4 year old son who has disabilities. The advantages of this equipment are twofold – firstly to allow him to build strength in his leg muscles, ready for when he is able to walk on his own. Secondly, it is starting to give him a little independence to be able to choose where he goes and where he wants to explore.

We recently completed a triathlon for disabled people, which was a big success because of the trike.  A local newspaper covered the story, which was then picked up by local BBC, who interviewed us.”
“I approached the Lloyd’s Benevolent Fund after being seriously unwell and no longer being able to work. I found myself in very difficult circumstances and could not see a way forward having explored every other avenue.

I cannot thank the Lloyd’s Benevolent Fund enough for what they have done for me. Without their continued help and support my life would be extremely difficult.”
“I would like to thank the Lloyd’s Benevolent Fund for continuing to support us. I am now managing to walk a little, using the Meywalk and parallel bars, although it is still hard work. I am determined to walk again – I now have hope for the future.”
“Approximately five years ago my life changed overnight following a below knee amputation and other health issues. I was forced to take ill health retirement and was looking at the prospect of being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

I contacted the Lloyd’s Benevolent Fund who have provided help and support including help with the costs of an enforced house move and providing funds for adaptations to our new property.

I can never thank the LBF enough for all their help and support – without them my life would be very different. Their kindness and generosity has been truly exceptional.”