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Together for a more resilient future

The risks that shape our world shape our work

The Lloyd’s insurance market is critical in strengthening resilience against systemic and emerging risks such as climate change, cyber insecurity and geopolitical instability. While our Foundation helps communities build resilience too. Together, they help people, businesses and governments everywhere to prepare and protect, reimagine and rebuild.

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A catalyst for action

Resilience doesn’t just come when we share risk, but when we share knowledge and work together too.

We created Lloyd’s Futureset as a global platform and community dedicated to making that possible. It’s a place where customers, insurers and governments can come together to address the world’s most complex risks. Because these risks are too big to face alone.

Discover the latest action research, partnerships and risk reports.

Tackling the future’s challenges with confidence

Our latest action leadership reports will keep you informed and connected with the freshest thinking on emerging and systemic risk, from reputational risk, to climate change, from cyber risk, to shifting geopolitical powers, and much more.

Be in the room, make the difference

Hear from experts across industry, academia and government at our events. Develop your knowledge and expertise at our workshops and roundtables.

Risk and resilience: in conversation

The Economist journalist Anne McElvoy speaks to leading figures about how they are preparing for and preventing the impacts of systemic risk.

Join the conversation

Our community is only as powerful as its members. We invite you to strengthen Futureset by being part of it. Share ideas, expand your network and stay connected with the latest research.

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Pioneering products and services

In a constantly changing world, insurance must evolve - again and again. 

We continue to develop new and better ways to respond to the risks our customers face. 

At Lloyd’s Lab, disruptive thinkers with fresh ideas meet the experience and resources of market members, working together to turn big ideas into real insurance products faster.

Find out more about Lloyd’s Lab.

Building resilience for developing economies

Natural and man-made disasters hit vulnerable communities hardest. That’s why we are committed to tackling underinsurance in developing economies. 

The Lloyd’s Disaster Risk Facility works with governments, municipalities, and non-governmental organisations to protect their economies and people.

Find out more about the work of the Lloyd’s Disaster Risk Facility.

New challenges require new ideas

Our Disaster Resilience Framework for Climate-Vulnerable Countries is pioneering a new public-private investment approach to protect the places most at risk of climate catastrophe.

Discover our new approach to climate resilience.

Making a tangible difference to lives across the world

We put inclusion at the centre of our resilience work because everyone has a stake in the equitable progress we’re pursuing.

We are responsible and active members of the communities where we live and work. And we continue to centre and support those communities in our market, our research and charitable giving and volunteering.

It’s always been about more than business

The Lloyd’s of London Foundation was created to harness the resources and expertise of our people, our market and our partners for long-term, meaningful social impact.

Funding research into the world’s most challenging societal risks

The widening gap between what is and isn’t insured means natural catastrophes are generating billions in economic losses. We need to close this gap by managing the impact of factors such as climate change. The Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation supports innovative research to manage, mitigate or eliminate the kinds of risks that threaten people and the planet.

More than a day job

Through the Lloyd’s of London Foundation we work with a number of charity partners supporting employability, social mobility and empowering marginalised groups. Learn more about our high-impact volunteer platform.

What is a braver future?

A worker inspects solar panels on a roof

It’s sustainable

Transitioning to a low-carbon planet
People walking on a pavement in a city

It’s resilient

Using evidence and expertise to protect what matters most.
Lloyd's colleagues outside the Lloyd's building

It’s inclusive

Ensuring everyone can see a place for themselves in it.

Lloyd's. Together for a braver future.