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Business leaders – the voices of transition and resilience

Today’s risk landscape is more complex than it has ever been before.

We are faced by existential threats like climate change, energy security and the transition to a low-carbon economy, and as a result, those leading the private sector are being challenged to work at pace and build resilience across their operations.

Our new video series, Business leaders – the voices of transition and resilience gives you a seat at the table, to join a conversation around the future of risk, between leaders in the insurance industry, and those facing the greatest challenges of our time,.  

For our opening episode, we are joined by John Neal, Lloyd’s CEO and Dominic Christian, Aon’s Global Chairman who recap the evolution of the risk landscape over the past 18 months, in an environment challenged by geopolitics, energy security and economic uncertainty. 

Get the Expert's Take

Tune into this series of exclusive expert conversations on Systemic Risk, hosted by leading journalist, Anne McElvoy, of The Economist. Discussing the potential impacts of these widespread threats to national and global infrastructure, leading figures offer their insights into preparation and prevention.