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Access the scale, expertise and capacity of our cyber risk experts

We are at the cutting edge of this new insurance frontier

Cyber insurance at Lloyd’s is the best way to protect your business and respond to the growing challenges of cyber risk.

15 years ago technology played a marginal role in our lives. Today it is part of everything we do, from the way we socialise, to the way we do business. And while the explosion of technology opens up a wealth of possibility for human progress, it also creates huge potential for cyber risk.

The evolving cyber threat and new stricter regulations will change the way businesses are impacted by cyber incidents: they will have to deal with business interruption, financial penalties, regulatory scrutiny and reputational damage in a way they haven’t done before. All of these could be serious threats to a business’s revenue, share price or even survival.

That’s why, today, Lloyd’s views cyber as one of the most complex, current and critical risk businesses face.

We believe that cyber insurance can help businesses protect their balance sheet by not just providing a financial pay-out after things have gone wrong, but also offering expert consultancy to improve security and on-the-ground support during the period of crisis.

Once again Lloyd’s is at the cutting edge of this new insurance frontier. As an insurance market, Lloyd’s can provide access to the combined scale, expertise and capacity of more than 77 expert cyber risk insurers in one place. It is this ability to create relevant and tailored insurance solutions from the diversity of the market that sets Lloyd’s apart.

Cyber statistics

As the global centre for cyber insurance, we help protect businesses against this complex, fast-changing and destructive threat


Annual cost to businesses of cybercrime*


Average total cost of a data breach**


Businesses who experienced a data breach in the past five years***

Source: *CNBC, 2015, **Ponemon Institute global analysis, 2015, ***Lloyd's 'Facing the cyber risk challenge' report, 2016