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Space risk

Space is a fundamental part of our global ecosystem and a growing part of our global economy.

We stay at the forefront of risk in space in large part because it is vital to daily life on Earth.

We rely on a safe and sustainable space domain to more deeply understand our planet, for faster and more reliable communications, and to power the entire global financial system

Since the first space satellite insurance was placed with Lloyd’s in 1965, Lloyd’s has been an enabler and accelerator of the orbital economy. Today, we provide insurance coverage for satellites across their entire lifespan, from manufacturing and on the launchpad to in-orbit testing, commercial operation and more. The market’s specialist space underwriters provide protection to satellite owners and users - from national governments to telecommunications firms and research institutes

Space isn’t separate from us - it is a crucial and connected part of life on Earth. More and more people are calling for greater protection of space as a fragile ecosystem that is vital to our economy, wellbeing and future

Crowded Space

Discover how Lloyd’s helps make space operations safer and more sustainable.

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Space coverage at Lloyd's

See examples of the space coverage available through the Lloyd’s Market.

Risk insight

Our risk reports explore the latest thinking on space risks and the implications for insurance.

Space risk management

Understanding space risk exposures and how Lloyd’s can help mitigate and manage them.

Space stories

Read stories about how Lloyd’s and the market have previously helped make space operations safer and more sustainable.

Privateer: Mapping our crowded skies

Travelling at 17,000mph in orbit, even the tiniest speck of space debris can chip windows and dent solar cells. Lloyd’s is working with data specialists (and Lloyd’s Lab alumnus) Privateer to track and monitor the movement of space debris.

Astroscale: Mission to clean up space

The Lloyd’s market is now providing risk mitigation solutions for the emerging ‘orbital economy’ - helping Astroscale’s new end-of-life satellite retrieval service to get off the ground.

ICEYE: Visualising the Impacts of climate change

How Lloyd’s Lab alumnus ICEYE’s ‘persistent monitoring’ satellites can help manage and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Space rescue mission: Lloyd’s space salvage first

In 1984, Lloyd’s was the driving force behind the first-ever space salvage mission – mission STS 51 - working with NASA and the Discovery shuttle crew to bring two stray satellites back to Earth.

New risk solutions for the NewSpace sector