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Example steps and checklists of how you can drive a high performing culture.

Reward team success rather than individuals
Encourage employees to collaborate and work collectively as a team. Remove power dynamics and create a level playing field by taking the onus off individual recognition and rewarding team success as a team.
Share information equally and openly
Information should be communicated to all members of a team at the same time. When information is shared broadly and promptly as key business decisions are made, it allows equal time to react and encourages collaborative problem solving.
Encourage employees to challenge their line manager
Bring employees together and encourage them to share reflections on a regular basis. Ask direct reports to share constructive feedback to their line manager and offer the line manager a chance to acknowledge and respond.
Remove hierarchy from meetings
Promote a safe space amongst your team. In team meetings, place a sign at the door (or on a virtual call) encouraging employees that rank does not matter during a discussion. Everyone has something to offer by creating a level playing field the best ideas can rise to the top.
Culture maturity checklist - Respect

Culture maturity checklist - Respect