Lloyd’s is committed to achieving a much more balanced gender representation at all levels, especially in the board room, and across executive and management positions.


While we are pleased to report that our 2018 Gender Pay Gap has shown a 7.8% improvement, the Lloyd’s Corporation still has a significant way to go. Closing the gender pay gap requires a long-term approach that addresses the historical environment that has led to our current imbalance. As we look towards the future, one of our priorities is to speed up progress on bringing a much more diverse and gender-balanced group of talent into Lloyd’s.


We’ve made good process against our 2018 actions, which has resulted in an increased gender balance across our senior population. This is a direct result of our 2018 commitment to mandate all external recruitment long lists to include a 50:50 gender balance.


As we move into 2019, we will continue to build on our commitments with a number of initiatives, including the introduction of enhanced family care policies and flexible working for all employees.


We are absolutely determined to achieve the broadest opportunities that a diverse workplace brings and continue to take decisive and thoughtful actions to ensure that lasting change is achieved.


John Neal, CEO Lloyd’s