Step 1 - policyholder informs you of their claim

Your client’s claim should include initial information about the loss. Providing as much information as possible at this stage helps to ensure a swift resolution.

Step 2 - Notify Lloyd

Claims should be submitted as soon as possible using our Electronic Claim File process (ECF). The claim is routed to the lead insurer for faster review,

Step 3 - Lead insurer makes contact

Having a lead insurer simplifies the claim process and improves efficiency. You’ll get a single electronic response from one decision maker, even where

Step 4 - keep policyholder informed

You should offer your client regular updates on how their claim is progressing. Your lead insurer will be on hand to help with this.

Step 5: claim settled and agreed

When you receive the agreement to settle from the lead insurer (on behalf of all insurers), you should inform your client straight away. Simply request the settlement fund as a single payment from all insurers through Lloyd’s central settlement system, and you can pay your client promptly.

Step 6 - client wants a second opinion?

We make it our priority to settle claims fairly and provide a positive claims experience for your clients. Ultimately though, if they’re not happy with a claims decision, you can refer it to the insurer.