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The Lloyd’s standard

We do things differently

The Lloyd’s market offers the best experience for our customers, with a claims service that has your interests at heart. 

Quite simply, Lloyd’s has built its global reputation by upholding its promise to pay all valid claims for more than three centuries. It’s what sets Lloyd’s apart, and it’s done by providing unparalleled security, global strength, exceptional service and world-class expertise for customers globally.

We call it the Lloyd’s standard.


The unparalleled strength of a truly global market

When the worst happens, business as usual often comes to a halt. Whatever has gone wrong, Lloyd’s insurers stand ready to get things moving again.

The Lloyd’s network operates around the world to settle claims as quickly as possible. With thousands of specialists, local partners and leading experts in every type of claim, you can feel completely reassured you’ll have the best support, wherever you are.

From responding to natural disasters or man-made catastrophes, Lloyd’s leads the way. A key priority of Lloyd’s insurers is to safeguard and support customers, making sure your claim is addressed as fast as possible. It’s all part of Lloyd’s global approach, built on extensive experience of insuring the world’s biggest and most complex risks. Where needed, representatives of the Lloyd’s market’s claims teams travel to major disaster sites, working together to assess what support is needed and the best way to deliver it through our global network.


Security you can trust

When you buy your policy with Lloyd’s, you can be certain you’re in safe hands. We offer a unique three-layered approach to financial security, which simply means there are additional funds available to support claims payments. The result is a market that’s ready to respond to any event, no matter how large.

It’s our point of difference and it’s why customers have trusted the Lloyd’s market for more than 300 years; we provide you with the security that we will always settle valid claims.


Exceptional service quality

When you make a claim, you want the best response and one that is right for you. Your Lloyd’s policy may benefit from the expertise of multiple insurers and in most cases you’ll have a single claims contact from start to end. Our claims process is designed to work for individuals, and businesses of all sizes. Which means, whoever you are, and whatever the nature of your claim, you can be confident we’ll deal with it in the most suitable way.

More than 85% of claims are managed by one lead insurer, an expert in your type of claim. It’s their responsibility to make a decision on behalf of all insurers, to keep things moving and make sure you’re fully updated at each stage of the process. Even the most complex claims will only have two lead insurers who offer their combined expertise and jointly coordinate, agree and deliver the most appropriate response.


Standards and expertise you can rely on

As a regulated, highly secure institution which oversees and enforces standards across the Lloyd’s market, the Lloyd’s Corporation is instrumental in maintaining a robust and customer-focused claims process. Lloyd’s insurers are also regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority and comply with all regulations that apply in your local jurisdiction, if outside the UK.

The Lloyd’s market combines the specialist knowledge and resources of more than 90 leading insurers, consistently delivers to the highest standards in the industry, and uses expertise, professionalism and human judgement, to protect your interests – wherever you are.