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Our tenth cohort

Meet Cohort 10

Aanika Biosciences

Aanika Biosciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing food safety technologies. Aanika has created a multi-trigger parametric food recall policy designed to embed with its microbial barcode tags and provide coverage against financial loss resulting from a food pathogen event.

Location: New York, USA


Armilla AI is a leading provider of Responsible AI technology, empowering vendors and enterprises to guarantee the quality of their AI products and mitigate associated risks.

Location: Canada


Axio is a cyber risk assessment and quantification focused company which encompasses consultancy, professional services and SaaS.

Location: New York, USA


Diesta offers a next-generation payment reconciliation engine for the insurance industry. Their technology links internal systems and external partners onto one financial ledger for an efficient and fast processing of insurance premiums.

Location: UK


A team dedicated to filling both the data and protection gaps in wildfire risk. Their mobile app for self-inspection encourages mitigation while generating first-party, on-the-ground data for underwriting.

Location: California, USA


Gabriel is a next-generation active threat solution that dramatically reduces the risk of an incident costing unnecessary lives and damage.

Location: Israel

Intelligent AI

Intelligent AI brings together deep insurance domain expertise, together with innovation and data science to transform the commercial property underwriting sector globally with Digital Twins of Risk.

Location: UK


PolArctic is an oceanographic, and data science company with a focus on creating tailored products for the Arctic. They are identifying and creating solutions to business and policy questions about the Arctic through the use of AI and Machine Learning techniques.

Location: Virginia, USA


REOR20 have developed a breakthrough AI system for flood risk understanding and mitigation based on the physics governing floods.

Location: Switzerland


CetoAI work with maritime organisations who want to increase operational efficiency and be more environmentally responsible; they harness the power of IoT to unlock siloed vessel performance data and deliver value to their partners.

SIMULYTIC (A Siemens AG Venture)

SIMULYTIC provide (re)insurers risk exposure insights for automated vehicle (AV) deployments. The SIMULYTIC platform contextualises AV deployment with digital replicas and models, simulates a rich synthetic driving history using their proven tech and analyses the operational lifetime of AVs to support pricing a policy and scenario-based insurance products.

Location: Germany


spacebands create software and wearable technology that makes workplaces safer.

Location: UK


Value.Space deliver satellite-based risk assessments, it has opened up a new and proven capability that provides a x10 faster and x25 more cost-effective way to assess risks of assets such as dams and real estate.

Location: Estonia/UK

The Lloyd’s Lab is a 10 week fast-track, fast fail programme where new concepts, ideas and products can be tested with the support of experts from the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance market. We are looking for fresh ideas to challenge how we do things and help the Lloyd’s market better serve its customers.

We are focussing Cohort 10 on 3 themes, these are New Products, Data & Models and European Cyber & Climate Solutions.

To help accelerate these products, the Lloyd’s Lab programme offers:

  • Access to expert mentors and proximity to key advisors, potential trading partners & investors. ‘European Cyber & Climate Solutions’ theme participants will have access to European focused specialists.
  • Participants can work out of Lloyd’s in London or wherever best fits their business. Office space will be available at key locations around Europe for the ‘European Cyber & Climate Solutions’ theme participants.
  • ‘European Cyber & Climate Solutions’ theme participants can showcase their products at leading European insurtech events through Lloyd’s Europe innovation team.


1. New Products

Offering new insurance products that helps solve underinsurance or add significant improvements to existing coverages is vital for a sustainable future. We are looking for new insurance offerings that can help our customers become more resilient.

Submissions could include (but are not limited to):

  • Technologies which can help our insurers quantify the exposure to new types of risk, such as intangible assets or the transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Technologies that can help predict when our clients might be about to experience a loss
  • Bundled products – adding insurance to an existing service
  • Parametric products, or products based on smart contracts

2. Data & models

For the Lloyd’s market, efficient underwriting depends on continually improving the tools and techniques used to select and assess risks, manage risk portfolios, and optimise the claims handling process. Data is the lifeblood of the underwriting process and, with an ever-increasing range of sources available, we want to make sure we’re looking beyond our core data sets to power smart decision-making in the market.

Submissions could include (but are not limited to):

  • New data sources that highlight high risk policies for more accurate underwriting
  • Predicting future claims based on search engine trends
  • Aggregating existing data sets in new ways to reveal hidden trends
  • Payment solutions automating reconciliation and distribution of payments
  • Documentation processing

3. Europe Cyber & Climate Solutions

For the first time the Lab is setting a regional focus. Sponsored by Lloyd’s Europe, the theme is focussed specifically on developing solutions to help address Europe’s cyber and climate protection gaps.

The protection gap caused by both weather-related natural catastrophes and cyber risks are well documented in Europe. Lloyd’s Europe want to explore insurance solutions that look support its customers with weather and cyber related protection.

Submissions could include (but are not limited to):

  • Insurance product or service to tackle European under insurance / protection gaps. This could be applying a product or service tried and tested in another territory and adapting it to a European audience.
  • Cyber solutions with embedded tracking and early warning solutions for ransomware risk assessment and mitigation, test intrusion detection systems, etc.
  • Solutions for increasing European flood and wind risk
  • New products or services in support of green technologies





Scouting closes

Scouting closes 12 February

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Pitch Day

This is where the shortlisted applicants get to pitch their ideas to the Lloyd's market

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Programme starts

This will be the first week of the new programme

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Demo Day

The teams who made it through will get the chance to show the market what they achieved during the programme

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