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Our third cohort

Our third cohort of the Lloyd’s Lab is focussed fully on the Future at Lloyd’s programme. We are looking for companies who can populate our ecosystem of services including services relevant to the Next Generation Claims Service and the Syndicate in a Box.

The teams have now been selected! 

Lloyd’s welcomed 13 InsurTech disruptors to join the global (re)insurance market’s innovation accelerator.

More than 130 applications were received from across the world for the third cohort of the Lloyd’s Lab. The thirteen successful teams were selected as part of a competitive process involving twenty-four shortlisted applicants who presented their ideas to experts across the market during pitch day.

Lloyd’s has recently committed to expanding the scope of the Lloyd’s Lab, as part of its bold new strategy for the future. The successful teams are aligned with this strategy. They began working in the Lab as part of a ten-week programme on September 2, 2019.

The full list of teams that will be working with Lloyd’s innovation accelerator as part of Cohort 3 is below. The start-ups are focused fully on finding solutions with the potential to contribute to the ecosystem of services as part of the future at Lloyd’s vision, including ways to enhance data sharing and provide new sources of risk insight; pricing and risk models to help Lloyd’s market participants better understand threat scenarios; and ways to reduce the cost of processing claims as well as the burden of compliance and regulation

Times are changing, and we are building a new vision for the future at Lloyd’s. The third cohort of the Lloyd’s Lab will be fully aligned with this strategy. We see a huge opportunity to partner with the brightest and best talent from the technology sector to develop new ideas, new ways of working and of serving our customers. Nowhere is this more keenly felt than in the Lloyd’s Lab, where talent, technology and capital intersect so creatively. We want to harness this creative spirit to help us build a new Lloyd’s, which is nimbler, more customer focused, faster and more efficient than ever.
Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Lloyd’s Chairman

In addition to the twelve teams listed below we also welcomed Experian to the Lab. Experian is a data, analytics and software company delivering actionable insights, risk-adjusted decisions, advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to our clients throughout the world. As a global technology leader, Experian powers an insurers workflow from policy submission through the claims process.

Meet the cohort 3 teams


Allphins is a new digital platform with a single mission: to provide customers, brokers, insurers, and reinsurers with actionable insights on energy risks resulting in better and faster risk transfer decision making.

Location: France

Digital Fineprint

Digital Fineprint (DFP) is an Insurtech that helps insurers and brokers improve their reach and profitability in the SME market. DFP provides data insights that can be used for risk selection, underwriting, pricing and new business generation.

Location:Location: UK


FloodFlash says it enables fairly-priced, no-exclusions, instant-settlement flood insurance. Customers receive a pre-agreed settlement as soon as FloodFlash sensor detect that waters have exceeded a critical depth.

Location: UK


Flock is a big data start-up that helps underwriters unlock the power of risk intelligence..

Location: UK


ClimaCell is the first microweather™ technology company, finding and forecasting weather that others can’t see. By taking an internet-of-things approach to collect millions of weather observations, ClimaCell forecasts at the street (not city) level.

Location: US


Hyperexponential is building practical, impactful pricing software for speciality insurance. It claims to be the first platform of its kind to be built by insurance professionals “at the coal-face of the market, for the needs of our actuaries and underwriters”.

Location: UK


INARI is an advanced ecosystem in a box that digitises insurance operations through the entire risk lifecycle. INARI says it combines “process automation, data ingestion processing, distributed ledger auditability, machine learning and data lake”.

Location: Spain


The Insurdata platform creates high resolution, building level, peril specific exposure data globally.

Location: UK

Oasis LMF

Oasis provides an open source catastrophe modelling platform, free to use by anyone. It is also a community that seeks to unlock and change the world around catastrophe modelling to better understand risk in insurance and beyond.

Location: UK


Phinsys has built a platform of intelligent finance automation tools to deliver systematic controls to optimise financial close and reporting processes.

Locations: UK and US


Praedicat reads, curates and quantifies data from science to identify emerging and emerged risks to humans / the environment. They quantify the loss to economy and liability insurers from litigation allowing risk management and product development.

Location: US and UK

Tautona AI

Tautona is a “cognitive automation” company that automates processes once reserved for human judgement. It says: “Our cloud based, managed service approach provides insurers with a frictionless approach to automating claims and ancillary processes.”

Location: South Africa

Here are some examples of the type of services we were looking for:

Data sharing and new sources of insight

  • A proprietary or aggregated data source(s) that could be of interest to help us understand risk for existing products or develop new ones.
  • Data sharing platforms which would benefit a regulated market like ours.
  • A way of capturing customer data at submission with the least amount of effort to enhance the customer experience.
  • Economic or company data that would assist with rating and reduce the burden on customers to provide data to us.

Pricing, risk qualification and product development 

  • Pre-competitive pricing and risk models for existing or new risks.
  • Models to help us understand specific scenarios; such as extreme cyber attacks, natural hazards, liability exposures or damage to intangible assets.
  • A platform to enable catastrophe models to be offered to the market in an interoperable way.
  • Technologies that can help predict/forecast and perhaps prevent risks. From the dark web, to natural perils we are interested in helping our customers understand their live exposures and to mitigate the risks.
  • A solution to make contract wording quicker and easier e.g. a contract creation tool, or on-tap advisory service.
  • A way to standardise contract creation.
  • A smart contract or parametric product that you would like to trial with supportive managing agents

Next Generation Claims

  • Ways to reduce the cost of processing claims.
  • Practical solutions that can help in the short-term, or a strategic solution that can be implemented in the long-run.
  • Ways to make the claims payment process simpler and more efficient e.g. an improved transparent automated way to respond to customers in times of need.
  • Sensors or other Internet of Things devices that could trigger claims in an automated way.

Reducing the burden of compliance and regulation

  • Compliance tools to add value as part of our services ecosystem.
  • Automated regulatory reporting solutions that can make us more efficient, e.g. a service for Syndicate-in-a-Box so entrepreneurs can focus on new product design and execution.
  • An out of the box governance solution 

What else did the Prospectus make you think of?

We were also looking out for technologies that we didn’t capture in the descriptions above, but support the Prospectus. We don’t know what we don’t know!





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