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Profile of Aspire's operation in Dubai


Aspire Underwriting Agency Ltd. (AUAL) is part of the Oilfield group of Companies who have been a Lloyd’s cover holder since 2002.

Established in 2016, AUAL is an independent agency operating from the Lloyd’s Platform in the DIFC with the Oilfield group of companies based next to Lloyd’s in the heart of the London Market.

AUAL underwrites up and downstream energy.

USD 25m of A-rated capacity which we are expecting to grow to circa USD 30m in 2020.

Appetite is Energy focused (Downstream and Upstream) and we are cautiously looking at wider energy related business such as petrochem, fertilizers and EAR, etc.

Worldwide territorial scope with the exception of sanctioned states, cat-exposed North America and cat-exposed Japan.

Contact details as follows:

Mark Jeffrey

Senior Executive Officer

Richard Smith

Director and Head of Energy

Maebelle Prado

Compliance and MLRO

Jerry Librazon

Finance Officer

Office Address:

Aspire Underwriting Agency Ltd.

Office 301, Gate District 2, Level 3,
Lloyd's Platform, DIFC, Dubai, UAE
PO Box 507131