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Overseas Reporting Forms

The Overseas Reporting team are responsible for ensuring that regulatory returns in respect of business written in certain territories outside of the United Kingdom are filed accurately and on time. Part of this process requires information from managing agents and below are forms that can be downloaded for completion before submitting them via our mailbox.

Regulatory Information

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20% Collateral document

US Situs Trust Fund Reporting (CRTF)

Please complete the following form where you wish to take advantage of 20% collateral funding in the CRTF.



Canadian Regulatory Reporting

Please complete the following form to report and Reinsurance Recoverables for which your syndicate is taking credit.  


Non XIS return

Please complete the following forms as appropriate to report any business not processed by your syndicates through either Xchanging or Lloyd's Direct Reporting for the following territories.

Australian Business


South African Business