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Premium allocation

Allocating premium to the relevant territories

When allocating premium to the relevant territories, the underwriter, with input from the broker, should apportion premium as appropriate to the particular contract.

Premiums can be split by geography, risk, coverage, policyholders, or any other method, however, it’s important to keep proper documentation and records to support premium splits. Insurers and brokers should maintain clear and accurate records detailing the methodology used for premium splits and any supporting calculations.

  • Buildings and/or contents - Value of local property divided by value of total property
  • Directors & Officers – Number of local Directors divided by total Directors
  • Employee Liability – Number of local employees divided by total employees

The allocation of premium should be undertaken to reflect the proper allocation of cover. However, it is recognised that this is not an exact science and some judgement may be required. 

There are some territories for which separate Lloyd's Premium Advice Notes (LPANs) are required. Detailed information can be found in the LPAN requirements for direct and reinsurance contracts.