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Country profiles

Local regulation compliance

A key element of managing multinational business is ensuring compliance with local regulation and working with any processes designed to facilitate this.

The Lloyd’s regulatory tools are designed to provide in-depth information to support you in understanding the global landscape and should be consulted prior to placement as part of the expected compliance checks by brokers and managing agents.

For an initial high level view, here are some country profiles to assist you in understanding how to manage your placement in these countries for multinational business on an Open Market basis. We have selected these countries based on feedback from our market research.

Disclaimer: The country profiles and Crystal are provided for information purposes; they do not constitute solicitation of business and are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate professional advice.

The profiles

Lloyd's Europe

Learn more about placing risk with Lloyd’s Europe.

Our trading rights

Lloyd’s trading rights are comprised of:

  • licences where Lloyd’s has specific permissions to write business located in a territory subject to the laws and regulations of those territories. In some countries we operate as an authorised insurer
  • exemptions where a licence is not required by the local regulator and Lloyd's is able to accept risks in accordance with the laws and regulations of those countries. This is usually restricted to writing specific types of business (sometimes this is called permitted non-admitted)

In the country profiles we list where Lloyd’s has a licence and where Lloyd’s may be able to trade using an exemption. For the full terms of a licence or an exemption Crystal should be consulted to ensure that they apply to the relevant class of business.