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Proxy Voting and Reports and Accounts

Member Services has introduced a number of new services for UK securities holders with regard to proxy voting, meeting attendance and company report and accounts.

Members who held eligible assets in October 2010 have already been contacted to give them the opportunity to sign-up for these new services.   

Electronic Proxy Voting

This service allows online proxy voting for UK securities held within funds at Lloyd’s.  If you elect for this service, you must provide a PIN code and will be emailed a secure link to the specified online voting ballot each time a vote is required.  All votes on funds at Lloyd’s will be cast at the same time immediately prior to the deadline and not as cast by individual members/depositors. The cost of this service will be covered by the annual Securities Holding fee. If you have a discretionary agreement in place with a stockbroker or investment manager, you will need to advise them that you will be using this facility to vote.

Meeting Attendance

The proxy voting email will also allow members to request a Meeting Attendance Card for the UK company’s Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.  You should be aware that this service will attract an additional Member Services’ charge to recover the costs of processing and couriering the necessary legal documents as levied by our supplier, Broadridge Financial Services.  You will be notified of this charge when requesting the Meeting Card and the charge will be levied as part of your annual charges statement.

Company Report and Accounts

This service gives members the ability to receive shareholder accounts directly from the UK companies in which you hold shares within your funds at Lloyd’s.  You can request to receive accounts in one of three ways:

  1. only electronically (if the company does not offer documentation electronically, no documents will be provided);
  2. electronically if available otherwise paper copies will be supplied; or
  3. only on paper.