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Member and Third Party Applications

Are you intending to change your Director(s) or Controller(s) of your Corporate Member? Please complete the online forms to obtain Lloyd’s prior consent.

Changes to a Corporate Member   

A Corporate Member requesting to appoint a new director or controller must notify Lloyd’s prior to the appointment and obtain written consent from Lloyd’s in accordance with paragraphs (12), (27) and (29) of the Membership Byelaw (as applicable), and paragraph 7 of the Requirements made under the Membership Byelaw. The Membership Byelaw and the Requirements are available at:

Please print and complete the relevant forms below:   

New Application Forms - required by a proposed new applicant


We are providing the information in this section for background information only.  We are not providing access to this section for the purpose of soliciting: (a) membership in Lloyd’s or membership of any syndicate of Lloyd’s, (b) the purchase of any security issued by Lloyd’s, or (c) the purchase of insurance, or any other service or product, in the Lloyd’s market.  This section does not make an offer of, or solicit an offer for, any of these things.

We do not accept responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss of whatever nature and howsoever caused that may arise from reliance upon the information contained in this section.

You must not distribute the information on this website to, or cause it to be used by, any person or entity in a place where its distribution or use would be unlawful.

Change of Control Questionnaire (CM251A - LTD and CM251 B - LLP) – Required by a proposed new applicant and/or existing controller(s) proposing to be a controller of a Corporate Member.  If more than one person or entity is proposing to become a controller of the Corporate Member, then each applicant should complete a separate form.

Information Form (PIF251 – Individual/CIF251 Body Corporate - Trust Controller/TIF266- Partnership Controller/PLIF263 – Required by a proposed new applicant proposing to be a Director or Controller of the Corporate Member, except where the applicant is exempt under paragraph 7.1C of the Membership & Underwriting Conditions and Requirements.

If the applicant is exempt from completing an Information Form. Please submit one ID verification document and one address verification document. For further information refer to the Appendix on the 'Personal Information Form PIF250' for valid documentation. A fee will be required per applicant

Where the changes occurring are in respect of changes within a Managing Agent structure, please complete notification via

Please submit the original questionnaires and supporting documentation to your Members' Agent. For Direct Corporate Participants, questionnaires should be sent to Member Services, Lloyd’s, Fidentia House, Walter Burke Way, Chatham Maritime, Chatham Kent ME4 4RN.

If you have any queries in relation to this process please contact

Client On boarding

Data Protection

The Privacy Notice applies to corporate members, third party funding providers of Lloyd's and connected individuals (such as officers, directors, shareholders, partners and other related individuals) ("Relevant Individuals").