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Funds at Lloyd's

The value of a members funds at Lloyd's is largely determined by the level of insurance business they underwrite.

The amount of funds required from members will vary, depending on the perceived level of risk in the business which they underwrite. This is known as "Economic Capital Assessment" or ECA.

During each year the aggregate value of funds at Lloyd's follows a reasonably predictable cycle, resulting from the practical process of adjusting individual members' funds to the changing shape of their underwriting business.

Coming into Line (CIL)

Members are reminded that all additional Funds at Lloyd's (FAL) assets and supporting documentation, required to support their underwriting commitments, must be received by Member Services no later than the Coming into Line deadline date on the Business Timetable.  For further information please speak to your Members' Agent in the first instance.

Direct Corporate Participants should speak to your usual contact within the DCP Team, Member Services or email to: