The broker story

Insuring the world's biggest music events

Why choose a career at Lloyd's?

Lloyd's is not an insurance company. It’s a unique market, where brokers from around the globe bring their clients’ risks and negotiate face-to-face with the underwriters who analyse the risk and provide the insurance policy.

We became the world’s specialist insurance market by embracing risks others would not. We're not afraid to try something new - whether it’s exploring an emerging peril or developing new technology to map risk hotspots.

The Corporation of Lloyd’s provides the platform for this specialised marketplace. Our aim is to ensure that Lloyd’s continues to endure and strengthen its position as the world’s leading specialist insurance market.

Lloyd's has been built on face-to-face negotiations and collaboration is still very much encouraged here; this very style underpins the effectiveness of the market, and the enjoyment of working within it.

We have to constantly respond to, and anticipate the needs of an ever changing world; in order to achieve this, we need outstanding and diverse employees with a range of skills that will ensure Lloyd’s continues to perform with world-renowned professionalism and expertise.

We are an organisation that’s innovative and pioneering, yet at the same time we have a long history and still maintain historic traditions to this day.

Famed for our composure and decisiveness, the underwriting floors still have a dynamic and exciting atmosphere where business is happening all the time. We are admired for our intellectual agility, our specialist expertise and our dedication.

Finally, we enjoy a challenge. In fact, we thrive on them. We’re not afraid of making tough decisions or tackling big issues. Nor are we shy about suggesting a new or radical way of doing things. We love fresh ideas, and we look forward to hearing a few of yours.



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