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Diversity & inclusion

A diverse and inclusive Corporation

Lloyd’s aim is to build a diverse, inclusive environment that reflects the global markets we work in and in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect

We are investing in attracting the best talent to Lloyd’s, making sure recruitment is targeted at bringing in the skills we need to evolve. 

We are developing a talent pipeline that provides us with the key capabilities we will need for the future. 

We are creating a culture in which every employee fulfils their full potential, ensuring that leaders role-model the behaviours we expect in ourselves and others.

Access, accessibility and inclusive facilities

Our accessibility and inclusion statement for the Lloyd’s building lists all the accessible features of One Lime Street, which features a prayer room that can be accessed by anyone in the building and has a mix of male, female, gender neutral and accessible toilet facilities. 

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Current actions to promote an inclusive culture

We’re building an inclusive Lloyd’s.

Find out more about our progress.

Inclusive recruitment

We actively focus on attracting and recruiting people from diverse backgrounds to help fill our opportunities.

Women in Finance Charter

We are a signatory of the Women in Finance Charter.

Lloyd’s Together network

The Lloyd’s Together network is an umbrella diversity and inclusion network for the Corporation.