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Building societal resilience through research, insight and education

Our world is faced with more unknowns than ever before. How do we predict the unpredictable and manage risk in increasingly challenging conditions, protecting our communities, society and economy against threats both known and unknown?

Futureset provides a global platform and community to create and share risk insight, expertise, and solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. Through cutting-edge risk research and insights, events, and access to leading experts, we are working together to spark innovation, build understanding and drive forward resilient solutions – Lloyd’s, together for a braver future.

Our latest insight

Volcanic eruption

How can insurance help build resilience against the devastating impacts of volcanic eruptions?
Explore the latest systemic risk scenario in the series.

Ep. 5 Mobilising finance for nature

Watch the latest episode of Lloyd's Futureset's Business Leaders series, where we hear from John Neal, Lloyd's CEO and Tanya Steele, WWF UK CEO as they discuss nature and biodiversity loss, the vital importance of protection and restoration and the role of insurance and finance to mobilise solutions and investment that can help build healthier, more resilient ecosystems.

Generative AI: Transforming the cyber landscape

Major leaps in the effectiveness of Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) have dominated the discussion around artificial intelligence over the past 18 months. Given its growing availability and sophistication, the technology will inevitably reshape the cyber risk landscape.

Risk revealed by Lloyd's: Clean technologies and hard-to-abate sectors

With 90% of the global economy committed to decarbonisation towards net zero, we are witnessing an unprecedented economic and societal transformation of the energy sector.

Lloyd’s has a unique position and opportunity to bring together communities, businesses, insurers and governments to find solutions to the systemic risks that threaten our shared future. Futureset sets in concrete our commitment to be a catalyst for action, and in doing so empowering innovation, economic growth and human progress around the world.
John Neal - CEO, Lloyd’s

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Intelligence and insights into emerging and systemic risk. Lloyd’s Futureset has been working with underwriters, brokers, customers and research partners to explore and define the risks society faces, and the actions needed to tackle these present and future challenges.

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