Our Funding Priorities
Through its partnerships with specifically commissioned academic institutions and research organisations, Lloyd's Tercentenary Research Foundation funds academic research by supporting new research on risk related issues and offering scholarships to study in the US.

Our Previous Projects

Fulbright – Lloyd’s of London Scholar and Postgraduate Awards
This programme enables British academics wishing to conduct research in areas related to risk to study in the US. The Scholar Award offers funding to study for up to 12 months in a top higher education institute in the US, whilst the Postgraduate Award provides first-year funding for a UK post-graduate to pursue a Master’s degree in the US.

Both Awards offer the recipient access to the global Fulbright programme with its distinctive enrichment opportunities and scholar benefits package. As a Fulbright Scholar or Postgraduate, awardees will join the global alumni network. Since 2012, Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation has supported 13 individuals through this programme.

How to apply:
Application for both awards are via the Fulbright Commission website:
Fulbright-Lloyd’s of London Scholar Award
Fulbright-Lloyd’s of London Postgraduate Award

During 2017/2018, we are supporting three academics to carry out risk related research. Please click on their names below to find out more about their research.