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Shifting powers

A Lloyd’s Futureset report series

The changing geopolitical landscape

Produced in partnership with the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, this report series explores the changing geopolitical landscape.

Meeting the challenges of the geopolitical landscape

In just the last decade, the geopolitical risk landscape has undergone something of a paradigm shift. The Western-dominant, American-led, liberally fiscal status quo that defined the political world and economic growth for much of the second half of the 20th century no longer feels like a realistic barometer for how future events – wars, riots, elections, treaties – will play out on the global stage.

Climate cooperation, chaos or competition?

Our second report helps insurers and risk managers navigate the significant overlap between geopolitical risks and climate change. The report uses potential but plausible scenarios to guide insurers and risk owners through different possibilities of what the global energy transition might look like by the end of this decade, depending on the pathway major powers take in pursuing net zero by 2050.

Physical cyber risk in a changing geopolitical landscape

At Lloyd’s we understand the complex and potentially systemic risks in the cyber class and are committed to supporting a resilient cyber market. Cyber physical represents a key opportunity for insurers to develop a sustainable cyber offering that can help protect customers from a risk that has reached the highest level of priority in boardrooms around the world.

Our insights

Explore our latest research and insights on emerging and systemic risk, providing a future-focused view on today’s most important topics.