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Our solutions in India

Lloyd’s is looking to introduce new reinsurance solutions to support the growth of the Indian cedants, especially in the area of specialist reinsurance to complement the local market. The expanding Indian economy provides an opportunity for Lloyd’s underwriters to introduce new classes of business while growing the awareness and appetite for specialist products.


Lloyd's India is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) as a branch of Lloyd’s UK, to write reinsurance business in India. The licence allows Lloyd’s managing agents to set up a service company in India, and underwrite reinsurance business in India.

Lloyd’s India is not allowed to write insurance business in India. Lloyd’s underwriters are also not licensed to write insurance in or from India.

When a Lloyd’s managing agent sets up a service company on the Lloyd’s India platform, their team will be able to underwrite reinsurance business as an onshore reinsurer in India.

Lloyd’s underwriters are also able to underwrite Indian reinsurance business on a cross-border basis, but under the IRDAI (Order of Preference) Regulations any cross-border access is only after the onshore reinsurers have been first offered the reinsurance business. This underscores the significance of having an onshore presence in India.


  • Residents in India may remit funds for securing healthcare insurance with an overseas insurer in certain circumstances.   
  • Risks situated in Special Economic Zones (SEZ).
  • Special approval by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA).
  • Marine cargo insurance, which may be insured outside India in accordance with terms of trade.

Further details on these exceptions can be found on Crystal.

Lloyd's in India covers 57 lines of insurance and reinsurance:

Lloyd's classes of business