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Market Intelligence

Industry analysis

The Market Intelligence team provides analysis of the world’s insurance and reinsurance industry for the benefit of Lloyd’s managing agents, brokers and coverholders to help them develop their business internationally.

All our analysis has a geographic foundation and is aimed at helping our stakeholders identify key existing and emerging opportunities globally, turning data into key actionable insights.

Market Intelligence reports and presentations can be accessed alongside dynamic dashboards via the Insights Hub.

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About Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence team conducts analysis of (re)insurance trends from a geographic standpoint in support of Corporation & market strategy and business work.
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Market Intelligence on Lloyd’s Insights Hub

Our Insights Hub dashboards give access to granular insights by territory, class and business segment.

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Note: these resources are exclusively available to Lloyd’s market participants – i.e. an employee of a Lloyd’s managing agent, Lloyd’s broker or coverholder.

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