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The Mind of a Lloyd’s Coverholder Auditor

Tue 18 Dec 2018

All Coverholders are subject to the Lloyd’s Coverholder audit and the audit scope has evolved over the last 24 months, with a new scope being launched in 2018.  The new design and structure has changed the way managing agents and their auditors are approaching the Coverholder audit program.

On November 14th and December 10th, Lloyd’s Canada hosted free online webinar presentations titled:

“The Mind of a Lloyd’s Coverholder Auditor “

The Lloyd’s Canada webinar provided:

  • An overview of the Lloyd’s Coverholder audit process.
  • Guidance on the new audit scope.
  • Insight on how a Lloyds Coverholder auditor will approach and audit.
  • Audit outcomes
  • Tips to help you through the process.

The full audit scope and guidance notes can be found on the LMA website here.