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The Core Data Record

Learn more about the Core Data Record and how it can help your organisation

Purpose of the Core Data Record

The Core Data Record (CDR) holds the critical transactional data required to be captured at written line across four downstream processes: premium validation and settlement, claims matching at first notification of loss, tax validation and reporting, and regulatory validation and core reporting. 

Data is either captured in the MRC v3 during risk placement and easily extracted to complete the CDR, or - for those using a data-first approach - the CDR can be used to help create the MRC v3. 

The CDR aligns with ACORD technical standards, which are the agreed method for submitting and exchanging data within the London market, and will be used to drive digital processing, consistent with the MRC v3.

Core Data Record (CDR) v3.2

On 29 March 2023, the London Market Group Data (LMG) Council published the Core Data Record v3.2, along with a refreshed version of the Market Reform Contract (MRC v3), which aligns with the CDR v3.2.  

Interactive versions of the CDR v3.2 and anonymised versions of the MRC v3 are available on the LIMOSS Market Business Glossary (MBG). The LIMOSS MBG is a centralised source of business definitions, stands and reference data for the London Market. 

Support with using the CDR

The interactive CDR Glossary dashboard, available through the Insights Hub, aligns with the CDR v3.2.

The dashboard and accompanying data feed (available via an API) is an interactive tool to help market participants understand the CDR, as well as what data they need to collect to drive automated downstream processes. You can access it here:

An ever-growing resource, the Insights Hub provides powerful data visualisations and benchmarks to help market participants grow their portfolios and collaborate with others. Please note that your company will need to be registered for you to have access to the rest of the Insights Hub. Contact us to register your interest, ask a question or book a demo.