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The Lloyd’s brand

Find out how the Lloyd’s brand can give you a significant competitive advantage

The Lloyd’s brand matters.

The Lloyd’s brand is globally recognised both within the insurance industry and broader society. A strong global brand makes Lloyd’s more attractive to customers and brokers, attracting new business into the market and making Lloyd’s more appealing for investors and a diverse range of talent. 

Biannually we run our brand reputation survey, an independent survey of key stakeholders. This index measures reputation (trust and advocacy) as well as the drivers of brand reputation. Our brand reputation remains strong and is a key reason for doing business with the Lloyd’s market. 

Lloyd’s is known for its expertise, coverage of new and unusual risks, financial security and ratings, and reputation for integrity and ethical principles. 

Our brand encapsulates the qualities that make Lloyd’s distinctive

Lloyd’s is clear about its aim to be the global centre of specialist insurance and reinsurance, meeting the challenges of a changing world and accessing major overseas territories and emerging markets. 

It is a market which through the collective intelligence and risk-sharing expertise of the market’s underwriters and brokers, Lloyd’s helps to create a braver world.

The Lloyd's brand is built on genuine distinctiveness, which means no competitor can make the same claims, or aspire to the same values. Lloyd’s has retained its pre-eminent position in global insurance due to a combination of reputation, scale, governance, a unique working culture and continuing commitment to innovation and boldness. This makes the Lloyd's brand a significant asset, for the market as a whole and the individual commercial businesses who thrive within it. 

To ensure it maintains this position we must clearly and consistently communicate what it stands for in everything we do, and at every opportunity. Lloyd’s brand guidelines are designed to help you understand how you can use the brand within your own communications. Using it correctly helps to ensure it remains recognisable, consistent across the world, and retains its value.

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