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Project Rio: Resource Hub

The Principles for Doing Business (“The Principles”) set out the fundamental responsibilities expected of all managing agents and are at the heart of our enhanced oversight framework. They are the basis against which Lloyd’s will view and categorise all syndicates and managing agents in terms of both their capability and performance.

To support the Lloyd’s market in the shift to this new oversight approach we have held a number of Briefing sessions to outline the approach and how it will work in practice, as well as walk through the 2022 self-assessments against the Principles.

This page is the Project Rio Resource Hub where you can find a recording of all the Market Briefing sessions and a copy of the slide decks. The Project Rio Board Briefing sessions are aimed at Board level with a detailed overview of our approach and the 14 Technical Briefing sessions each cover a different Principle and the detail behind them.

All questions asked in the Briefing sessions have been added to our frequently asked questions pages. General questions about the framework have been added to our General FAQs page and Principle specific questions have been added to the bottom of the individual Principle pages.

Board briefing sessions

Technical briefing sessions

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