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Principle 4: Claims Management

Managing agents should ensure that they have a claims commitment in place designed to deliver a high-quality claims service which includes a prompt and fair customer service, efficient and effective claims handling, and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

To support this, managing agents should ensure:

Claims related information and knowledge is available and used pre-emptively in business planning and wider syndicate performance management

The claims environment and infrastructure enables effective servicing at an appropriate level of sophistication, through the retention of adequately and suitably skilled resource, underpinned by a strong claims culture and continuous education

Claims are handled efficiently and effectively, ensuring active claims and lifecycle management remains appropriate combined with a framework designed to facilitate continuous improvement

Delivery of accurate and timely case reserving through robust reserving processes and practices

Claims management through third party service providers and third party experts delivers the claims commitment and supports syndicate performance

Claims performance, customer experience and opportunities for improvement are regularly assessed using both data and qualitative assessment

Claims Management Maturity Matrix

The Maturity Matrix for Claims Management is available within the Principles and Maturity Matrix document, which can be found on our Principles for doing business at Lloyd’s page.