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Lloyd’s Underwriting Room

The Lloyd’s Underwriting Room has reopened for face to face trading

The Ground Floor and Galleries 1 and 2 have reopened and we welcome 13 additional managing agents to the Ground Floor of the Underwriting Room.

Our popular tours will recommence from 25 September.

We would like to thank everyone for their support over the Summer refurbishment and we look forward to you settling back into the Room.

Explore the new Ground Floor, G1 and G2 plans once the works are complete.

Latest updates

The Underwriting Room, the next chapter in our journey

10 Aug 2023

Hear from Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Chairman at Lloyd's about his experience of the work being done on our Underwriting Room.

The next chapter

The Underwriting Room has been at the heart of our iconic marketplace for hundreds of years. The increasing trends for more flexible working and digitalisation, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has led us to look at our ways of working and the significant role of the Underwriting Room to ensure it remains a relevant and vibrant space that brings the Lloyd’s market together in person, sharing risk to create a braver world.  

In 2021, we undertook an extensive consultation with the market including 60+ interviews with senior leaders and targeted focus groups to gather in-depth insights about the long-term requirements of the Underwriting Room and supporting spaces in the Lloyd’s building. The outcomes from that consultation showed an in-person trading environment is still seen as critical; to succeed it must foster vibrancy, enable progress, and create a sense of belonging. 

Consultation overview

In 2021 we gathered insights and ideas from 900+ stakeholder interactions

Collaboration hub



Focus groups



1-1 interviews

60 +

In-depth interviews

Expert interviews


Thought leader interviews

Fireside chats

300 +


It is clear the Underwriting Room thrives on achieving a critical mass and high density of market participants engaged in commercial activity. It is this critical mass of people working together and face to face trading that delivers added intangible benefits which also need to be supported and leveraged e.g., serendipitous encounters, market intelligence gathering and nurturing talent. 

To ensure we have a consistent critical mass of colleagues working together in the Room, we’re planning to make changes to the way space on the Ground Floor will be distributed. We’re working with the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) to achieve an equitable distribution of underwriters and syndicates working from the Ground Floor. It is expected 44 managing agents will now have a presence on the Ground Floor; a big uplift from the 31 who are currently in this space. 

Design vision for the Room

In 2022 we held a competition to select an architect partner to realise our vision and design work has been underway to make the Room fit for the future. Creating a modern workspace which respects our Grade 1 listed home and builds on Lloyd’s traditions is both a daunting and exciting opportunity. We are both proud and protective of the legacy Richard Rogers left us, however, we also believe he would never have taken offence to the building evolving, only to time standing still - flexibility was always at the heart of his vision.

Our starting points have been respect for the aesthetics of the Room and creating a human scale workplace within a vast space. Investment in quality design and upgraded infrastructure has been central to the creative vision, we will be working with numerous suppliers and experts to not only to upgrade IT systems but also to make the Ground Floor an attractive and comfortable workplace, supporting more face-to-face business and a thriving market. From reimagining the box to improving our service offer it’s an exciting time, we look forward to welcoming everyone back in September to see the changes.

Redesigning the Underwriting Room

Read the key insights from our market consultation and explore the design vision.

Our journey to redesign the Underwriting Room

Q1 2021Extensive market wide consultation
Apr 2021Early vision shared for feedback with market stakeholders
Q2 2021Final vision shared
2021/2022Pause in programme as a result of ongoing lease negotiations
Q4 2022Architects appointed to develop future designs
Q1 2023Market consultation about equitable allocation of space on the Ground Floor
Q2 2023Design vision and new Underwriting Room plan shared
Q3 202310 July to September temporary closure of the Underwriting Room for refurbishment
Aug 2023Return pack and instructions will be sent to all managing agents
Early Sept 2023Room reopens to market participants
Sept 2023Room reopens to visitors and the public

Lloyd's. Together for a braver future.