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Shaping the future of the Lloyd’s Underwriting Room

Take part in a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of the iconic Lloyd’s Underwriting Room and supporting spaces

Through our Future at Lloyd’s strategy, we are transforming into the most technologically advanced marketplace in the world. As our ways of working change and we embrace digitisation, we are on a once-in-a-generation journey to re-design the iconic Underwriting Room and supporting spaces in the Lloyd’s building.  Like the brave Lloyd’s visionaries who came before us – this is our time to be bold and dream big.

We know the ability to negotiate complex risks face-to-face between Lloyd’s expert underwriters and brokers is, and will continue to be, an important element of our global and growing market. Our next chapter must build on our rich heritage, while creating a unique experience that seamlessly combines face-to-face and virtual interactions to future proof the market.

We’ve partnered with the market associations on this exciting journey – with representatives from the LMA, LIIBA, and IUA shaping our approach at every step.

Consultation underway – provide feedback on early vision direction

Throughout Q1 2021, we completed the first phase of an extensive market consultation to gather insights and ideas about future requirements for the spaces and services within the Lloyd’s building, as well as how these interact with different digital solutions, such as our Virtual Room. 

To-date we have:

  • Hosted 60+ interviews with senior leaders across the market
  • Hosted a series of targeted focus groups with different market participants to gather in-depth insights
  • Crowdsourced ideas and insights with hundreds of stakeholders via our collaboration hub
  • Engaged thought leaders from design, technology, and innovation to draw inspiration
  • Launched a fireside chat event series to share insights from thought leaders.

    Key insights from consultation and early vision direction 

As part of the second phase of the consultation, we are excited to share key insights to-date – and an early direction for the future vision for feedback via our collaboration hub:

Future of the Lloyd's Underwriting Room