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David Flint

Lloyd's first Black broker

David Flint has been working in the insurance sector for over 45 years, and with his first Lloyd’s ticket dating from May 1978, he was the first Black broker at Lloyd’s, and has an unceasing passion for his riveting, globe-trotting career in insurance.

Portrait of David Flint by Franklyn Rodgers, 2023

Born in 1960, David was influenced from an early age by his Caribbean heritage and the discipline instilled in him by his parents who were born in 1915 and 1925. Growing up in Tottenham, North London from a non-privileged background, life was not easy, especially with the racial tension of that period. However, David’s parents instilled in him a ‘do better and succeed’ attitude, exampled in his love of football which started from a young age and saw him go on to play at semi-professional level in the Conference League for 14 years, mainly at Enfield FC.

His determination to be a success saw him get his first job working for Russian shipping company and after six months he went for an interview at Howden Shipping. They didn’t have any roles in shipping but offered him a post in their insurance business. This was David’s entry into the world of insurance, and by the time he left Alexander Howden in 1984, he was a Senior Broker in Property and Casualty.

Moving to Lowndes Lambert as an Assistant Director of P&C, he became a Name at Lloyd’s in 1988. David remembers his interview to become a Name which took place in the Adam Room. He joined Jardine Insurance Brokers in 1993 arising to Head of UK & International Casualty travelling internationally, developing his broking capabilities. This was followed by a spell as an independent insurance broker and his own insurance recruitment business trading in the Lloyd’s market. He then took senior positions with independent Lloyd’s brokers before establishing Blue Mountain Capacity, a London based managing general agent where he is Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is FCA Authorised and develops the company’s underwriting capabilities in the provision of Property, Casualty and Marine capacity to the London and International Re-Insurance markets.

David’s enthusiasm for the fascinating career and life prospects insurance can provide is palpable,

“The City is insurance. Every day is a new challenge as every risk has completely different perspectives. Understanding and applying the risk process applies to literally everything you do. It doesn’t matter what the product is; there is a risk management process to consider. Working in insurance is an education in life. I have learnt so much about the world and my work has taken me to every part of the globe, learning about different cultures and politics.”

He is well known in the market for his dedication and work for Lloyd’s Football Club. He is Ambassador of Football and was Head of Football and Manager between 2005-2021. David has taken the 1stTeam to Bermuda, Singapore, USA, Dubai, Dublin and Zurich and still plays for Lloyd’s FC Vets. David was instrumental in the establishment of the Cultural Awareness Committee at Lloyd’s FC, along with the Lloyd’s Women FC side set up in 2021. David is still playing in the Premier Division of the Essex Veterans League, and winning medals.

As Lloyd’s develops an ever more inclusive and diverse culture, we are looking to the trailblazers who made the first steps in that journey, at a time when such words hadn’t entered into corporate culture.

“Through my eyes, I didn’t see [my] colour in the Room, although everyone else did, and although my experience is mostly positive, there have been some uncomfortable situations. I’ve never thought of myself as a pioneer. However, I’m aware of the struggle my senior management went through in making my appointment, so in hindsight it’s clear that I trod a path that gave other companies the confidence to employ and promote people like me into positions in the Room.”
On being Lloyd’s first Black broker, David is characteristically modest.

David Flint 2023 by Franklyn Rodgers