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Lloyd’s care policies

We’re proud of our market-leading care policies, which are designed to provide employees with the support they need to enjoy happy and healthy working and home lives

Join us, and you can expect a combination of professional advancement and a well-rounded rewards package, along with market-leading care policies, which are designed to provide employees with the support they need to enjoy happy and healthy working and home lives, whatever that looks like for them.

We provide significantly more enhanced benefits than statutory entitlements, and in some cases provide new rights to which employees are not currently entitled to under statute. This is part of our genuine commitment to making Lloyd’s an employer of choice.

You can find a selection of these policies below.

Leave entitlements

We recognise that our employees may want or need to take a period of leave in a number of situations, whether that’s to start a family, deal with an emergency, go travelling, or care for dependants or other personal reasons. We know how important these different types of leave are to employees’ wellbeing and want to support them as much as we can in taking this time off, whatever the reason. We offer:

  • Family leave: 26 weeks paid leave for the primary and secondary care giver (non-gender specific) regardless of how our employees want to start a family. Following a period of leave, employees are able to take four weeks full pay supporting a phased return to work.
  • Emergency leave: five days paid emergency leave, provided for any emergency our employees may face, whether family-related or not.
  • Sabbaticals: Once you've worked for Lloyd's for five years, you'll get the opportunity to enjoy one month paid leave for sabbaticals of 2–12 months. You will be able to enjoy this benefit once in each five-year period of your service with Lloyd’s.

Parental leave toolkit

Employees have access to an online coaching tool designed to support expecting and adopting parents and their line managers throughout the parental leave transition.

Flexible day-to-day working practices

We are flexible about when and how employees work and appreciate that a formal flexible working request won’t be appropriate for one-off situations. Employees are encouraged to discuss requirements with their line manager. 

Dress for your day

We recognise that in a modern office there’s no need to wear business dress at all times, and it is important to us that our employees feel as comfortable as possible when at work, whilst still looking appropriate for client meetings and external appointments. Employees are therefore encouraged to ‘dress for their day’.

Emergency back-up care

We understand that it can be challenging to balance work and family commitments, particularly when it comes to looking after dependants. We offer 10 days of back-up care per calendar year to enable UK employees to arrange emergency carers to look after their dependants.