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Volume Claims

The Volume Claims Service (VCS) offers an enhanced cost efficient claims experience for handle high volume, low value non-complex claims which make up around 85 per cent of total claims in the Lloyd’s market.

What is the Volume Claims Service?

The Volume Claims Service (VCS) is a delegated lead adjusting service for the handling of non-complex claims for the Lloyd’s market. Ten Lloyd’s managing agents have been involved in the design and implementation of VCS.

The service is provided by two competing third party service providers; Xchanging and Crawford & Company, both of whom operate to a high standard of service and compete on service, quality and price.

Under the VCS, speed is comparable to the Lloyd’s markets top quartile performers, and the VCS SLA for cumulative lead response time is 48 working hours.


The scope of the VCS are those high volume, low value claims that fall into the ‘Standard’ category of the Lloyd’s 2010 Claims Scheme. Despite representing 85% of claims volume in the market, these are comparatively low value claims, representing just 15% of claims by value.

Both subscription market and singleton claims can be handled through the VCS.

Further Information

For more information on the service offered by each service provider, please contact:

Richard Day

Crawford & Company

+44 (0)20 7265 4014

To find out more about the Volume Claims Service at Lloyd's, download the VCS master services agreement or contact: