> Electronic endorsements

After a successful year’s pilot in marine classes and implementing electronic endorsements in property, specie and professional indemnity, all other classes were live for electronic business from 5 March 2012.

> What is the Exchange?

Read about the connection point from which brokers, underwriters and suppliers can send and receive information securely.

> Governance

The Exchange is owned by The Message Exchange Limited (TMEL).

> Objectives and Vision

The key objectives of the Exchange are to simplify implementation and support electronic messaging for the Market by:

> Benefits

How can electronic messaging improve customer services?

> Who is connected?

Links to details of the brokers, companies and agents connected to Lloyd's.

> ACORD standards

At the heart of the modernisation of Lloyd’s is the use of standards; the next step being the use of standardised messaging between managing agents and brokers.

> Get connected

How to get started in your business and choose which connection options would best suit your organization.