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Our Global Reach and Multinational Capability

Multinational business at Lloyd's

Lloyd’s is unique as a global insurer of multinational customers. Not only do we have global reach with around 80 insurance licences and capability to write reinsurance business in over 200 territories, the substantial majority of our licences permit us to provide coverage on a cross-border basis. This means that policyholders can benefit from compliant coverage on a consistent basis across around 80 territories and multiple classes of business without the need to arrange local policy placements (some exceptions apply).

Lloyd’s flexibility allows for consistency of policy wordings, policy management, premium collection and claims settlement using central services. To ensure that we comply with the regulatory requirements for our licences, we provide detailed regulatory guidance to support these placements across our extensive footprint.

Lloyd’s approach to multinational business eliminates much of the expense and administrative overhead associated with the multinational coverage structure common in the company market (a global master policy with multiple local policies).


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Multinational resources

Benefits of using Lloyd's

Discover the benefits of using Lloyd’s for multinational business, including our international trading footprint and licensing network.

Country profiles

To provide you with more detail on some of the countries where we can offer coverage, we have produced a number of country profiles.

Licensing considerations and risk location

Determine the correct risk location(s) that apply to enable the appropriate policy construction and application of relevant clauses to the contract.

Practical considerations

What you need to think about before getting started

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