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Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager

Supporting coverholder onboarding, facility placement and binder registration

Through our Future at Lloyd’s strategy, we’re building the world’s most advanced insurance marketplace. Delegated Authorities business represents nearly 40% of the premium written at Lloyd’s, and our Delegated Contract and Oversight Manager (DCOM) solution is a key part of this journey.

Launched in July 2021, our first DCOM release focused on binder registrations. It provides the platform on which we will continue to build ‘right first time data and contracts’ – unlocking opportunities to improve reporting, reduce rekeying of data, enable digital contract creation, and speed-up future claims payments for delegated authority business. Importantly, it paves the way for integration with the Delegated Data Manager system (DDM) which, when brought together, will eliminate rekeying of data.

The combination of DCOM and DDM, which will follow in 2022, will revolutionise the management of Delegated Authority and Coverholder business at Lloyd’s.  DCOM and DDM will provide an end-to-end digital solution for managing the full lifecycle of a binder, from contract registration right through to endorsements and renewal, thereby unifying, simplifying and accelerating the management and process of this business, and offering fast claims settlement for customers.

DCOM has been developed in close consultation with market associations and market firm representatives – with over 1,000 users, from more than 360 firms, registered.

Recent DCOM updates

Release 1.2 scope & readiness materials

Service company binders update

During our recent engagement meeting with managing agents we received feedback that the current process for registering service company agreements on DCOM can be difficult and time consuming. While it is important that we have up-to-date details of service company agreements, having considered that feedback we agree that DCOM does not need all the information for service company agreements that is needed for other binding authority agreements.

DCOM field changes

Advanced notice of changes which will be implement later in the year as part of Release 1.4.

Following consultation with the market, we have reviewed all data fields in DCOM and identified approximately 40 fields which can be made non-mandatory or removed from the system for specific users. We have created a document showing which fields these are and providing a rationale for why we need the remaining mandatory or conditionally mandatory fields.

DCOM field guide

To aid users in populating fields on DCOM and ensuring consistency, we have created a guide for the most queried fields, or fields where the greatest attention to detail is required.

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Mandatory requirements

It is a mandatory requirement that all binding authorities are registered online in DCOM. Under the Intermediaries Byelaw, all binding authorities are required to be declared to Lloyd's. This is done by registering the binding authority in DCOM. Where processing via central settlement, the binding authority contract should be submitted to Xchanging along with the slip.

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